5 Success Tips for New YouTubers & Video Content Creators in 2023

If you are a YouTuber or a video content creator on any other platform, then today I am going to share with you top 5 successful tips for YouTubers & Vloggers which can really help you in growing your channel in 2023.

Today is the time of video content and if you don’t nurture your viewers, they are not going to like you more because there are already many competitions. Speaking of myself, I have been doing YouTube and video marketing for more than last 2 years.

Top 5 Success Tips for YouTubers & Vloggers

I have experimented a lot of strategies during my YouTube journey, some of them have worked for more and some not. Those who haven’t resulted good, I have discussed in my previous post regarding “5 Mistakes Every New YouTuber Should Avoid“.

And, here I will be taking about those tips/strategies which have literally helped in growing my channel to the next level. Don’t underestimate any of these if you also want to increase subscribers on your channel and become the next successful creator.

1.  Make Videos on Topics You Already Know About

Many of you often ask me about how to be regular on YouTube and make videos consistently. The answer of this is that if you have enough topics to make videos, you won’t be irregular.

That’s the reason, I highly recommend all to create content on the topics which you already know about, you have optimum prior-knowledge about that. You won’t be lacking further topics if you do se.

On the other hand, if you choose a category/niche based on other’s choice or by seeing other fellow creators, you will be out of topics to make more videos. Because you are not so knowledgeable about that field, so find out your unique strength and focus on the same.

2. Create Informative Videos on General Topics

This is the panacea to get success on YouTube and other content platforms. If you make videos on general topics, you have mass audience to reach out and you can very easily get views even on your new channel.

Speaking about general topics, I mean, the topics like Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving License, Government Schemes, Smartphone Tutorials, Basic Computer Tutorials, etc. Informative videos mean you are not talking about any news, you are making detailed video on a given topic.

The logic behind this video marketing strategy is simple. Everyone needs information. And, in this age of media and news, no one is giving information. So, grab this opportunity and start making informative videos on static topics as well as trending ones.

I am giving you an example. Make videos with the title beginning with “What is ……?” and “How to …….?” These keywords are searchable and are evergreen content. This will really help you in growing your channel to the next level.

3. Reply to All Comments on Your Videos

It seems very time consuming to reply all the comments on your channel. But, trust me, this creates an emotional bonding with the viewers because you are solving their problems. And, if you do it regularly, viewers are more likely to be converted into your subscribers.

This one habit of replying to comments is one of the great successful tips for YouTubers, I like the most. If you do YouTube as part time and you have not enough time, then specify a time, may be at night, but try to habituate this secret strategy of video marketing.

4. Keep the Video Simple

In this busy world of today, no one have enough time to watch long videos. It feels tiresome and people often skip your videos. So, try to keep your videos simple, up-to the point and speak a bit fast so that you can cover detailed information even on a very short video.

I know, speaking too fast doesn’t seems good and people also don’t like because they are unable to understand anything if you speak too fast. So, try to maintain a good pace of diction in your early days, because people will watch your videos seeing your confidence level.

One more thing, I would suggest here is that don’t make this a habit. As your channel grows, try to slow-down your diction and know focus on making people understand the topic effectively.

5. Treat your YouTube Channel as a Business

We all look at YouTube mere as an earning source. But, now-a-days, it has become a business for most of the successful content creators. And, you can too do the same, literally, setup your full-fledged business with just a YouTube channel.

When I started my channel, I treated it a my primary work, leaving beside my studies as secondary. This has helped me in focusing completely on my channel and grow it to the next level. But, I won’t recommend it to you.

Start uploading videos on your channel as part time, managing some time other than what you are doing now. Try to increase the working hour for your channel and then gradually turn it to full-time, when you will be earning enough that you can leave your current job.

One more thing, don’t just treat it as a source of extra income. Think it to be your business from the starting day and try to focus on different marketing strategies, how you can grow it. This mindset will help you to consistently work upon that and you will be the next successful YouTuber.

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