5 Mistakes Every New YouTuber Should Avoid in 2023

I have been making videos on YouTube for four years now, and gone through a lot of ups and downs throughout my journey of gaining 225K+ subscribers. And, today I am here with some common new YouTuber mistakes which I have also done in my career.

If you want to become a YouTuber or you have just opened your new channel recently, I would highly recommend you not to do the same. Try to avoid them as possible, then only you can grow your channel.

Top 5 Common New YouTuber Mistakes

Before proceeding to my mistakes, I want to give you a background of mine in which scenario or condition I started my YouTube Channel in 2017.

That time, I have no idea about YouTube and the fellow creators how they make money which even I couldn’t think. But, somehow I managed to learn all the strategies, tips and tricks within a very long course of time, that’s why my YouTube channel has been messed up.

In the beginning, I use to make videos on general topics like Aadhaar Card, Government Services, Smartphones, Success Stories, App Reviews and many other topics. Gradually and gradually, I experimented with many more niches/categories only to understand the YouTube Algorithm.

I have learnt so many things within my 2 years of journey and frankly speaking, it’s too long to stabilize my channel’s content and the viewers demand. But, today I along with my channel, both are doing well.

Now, let’s have a look on my mistakes which everyone does them, knowingly or unknowingly which destroys the authority of your channel and even your personal branding.

1. Don’t Make Mixed Content

As I told you, I used to make videos on all topics in the beginning. And, most of the newbies who come on YouTube, then do the same mistake which has literally ruined my channel.

First of all, have deep thinking and research for some days, analyse your talent, your speciality and the field on which you have very good knowledge along with the market demand, monetizing ways and also the future scope.

Take as much time as you can, but first decide a specific category, which we call NICHE in digital marketing industry, then create a channel and start uploading videos. And, once you start uploading, be consistent and upload regularly.

2. Upgrade Your Gadgets & Video Quality

One of the common new youtuber mistakes is not upgrading the quality of the videos. If you think your channel is growing and it is giving return, then invest on better gadgets and improve the video quality.

Here, I want to add one thing more; don’t buy all fancy equipments at the beginning. Start with what resources you have. If you have a smartphone only, then just record your videos from that and when you see some progress on your channel, then proceed for further upgradation to cameras and other professional stuffs.

But, don’t forget to upgrade as your channel start growing. My channel was giving me some bucks after 6-7 months, but I upgraded after a year and I think, that hindered my growth because the viewers also want to watch quality videos.

3. Listen to Your Subscribers

Every person has a motive behind creating a YouTube channel. Everyone wants to influence people with one’s knowledge and that’s the reasons we try to make videos on the topics which we ourselves like.

And, this is also a very big mistake when it comes to growing on YouTube. You have to make videos on the topics which your viewers and subscribers need. Then only, they would bother to watch your content.

In my early days, I used to make videos on the topics which I expected from others, especially on the topics which I like. And so, my videos were not getting that much views and even response from the viewers was also not that great.

You have to basically follow the system of feedback to feed-forward, then you can grow your channel to level you think. Listen to all of your viewers what they want, and then serve them.

4. Traffic Diversion to Social Media Platforms

Whenever a new person comes on YouTube, he/she only focuses on YouTube. But, you have to learn to divert your traffic (subscribers) to your social media platforms.

Make accounts on all the social media channels and put content there also. Try to play CTA (Call-to-Action) Marketing smartly in your videos and ask them to follow on your social media handles.

In this way, if you manage to gather enough followers there also, you can earn a lot of money as a social media influencer.

5. Upload Videos Regularly

It’s the mentality of human beings to like only the positiveness and not the negative side. This tendency can also be found among the new YouTube creators.

When our videos perform well, we are very much motivated to make more videos. But, we often get demotivated when views are low and many of us also left some days to upload.

See, this is a marketplace. It’s not that people will always like your content, there will be some recession but you have to patient and just focus on your content. Be consistent with uploading videos then only you can become a successful content creator.


So, these were some of the major mistakes which I did in my early days on YouTube journey which I think hampered my growth. If you want to become a successful YouTuber, try to avoid them.

One more think, there is no shortcut to success whether it be YouTube or your life. So, just keep struggling and experimenting with time and be in the search of better version of yourself. Thanks!

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