Who is MN Hemant?

MN Hemant is a digital content creator and YouTuber from Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand who is on a mission of instilling people towards success.

The journey of MN Hemant

The birth of the brand “MN Hemant” is a very long story that started as an email address back in September 2014 when I first used MN before my actual name Hemant. The reason behind it was that I was not getting email addresses available on generic names.

That time, I was a general student focused on academics and schooling having no idea about career, online entrepreneurship, or even the internet.

I didn’t have a smartphone, laptop, or any personal gadget to access the internet. I had created my email address in a computer institute. My first personal mobile was a feature phone which I got in the early months of 2016 where I could just browse 2G Internet and no downloads.

YouTuber MN Hemant Story

I came to know about YouTube and its monetization program in 2016 (August or September) with the arrival of Reliance JIO. One of my classmates had bought the initial smartphone with free JIO Sim and he told me about YouTube.

I think he might have watched any recommended video on YouTube regarding the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). And when he told us in class, no one believed and kept it aside thinking why will anyone pay for making videos?

But, after 2-3 months, I created my channel on 5th December 2016 on one of my friend’s 2G smartphone which I had borrowed to use for 2-3 days. That time, I had no phone and no idea how to make a video so uploaded a simple PowerPoint presentation video file that I had created in a computer institute.

After uploading my first video, I created another PowerPoint video file with a Nagpuri song regarding the new year which I uploaded on the 2017 new year. That video got 2000+ Views in the next 6-7 weeks and I was very happy to see the same.

But with the arrival of the new year, I forgot about it because I had my 10th Board Exam in March 2017. Not to boast, but back then, I was a topper student and so secured 10 CGPA (average=95%) in my board examination whose result came in June.

And the time period between my last board exam and the result date was more than 2 months and I was doing nothing. I wanted to make some videos for YouTube but I didn’t have a camera or even a smartphone.

Professional Journey of MN Hemant (YouTuber)

After the board exam results, every student is in a dilemma of choosing a college and a place where to go for higher studies. I was also in the same situation and after deep thinking, I decided to stay at home and got admission to a nearby local college.

Meanwhile, my mother got a simple 4G smartphone from the Government of Jharkhand through a scheme that gave smartphones to the President of SHGs. And, now I have also access to a 4G smartphone, so I also purchased Jio Sim Card on 14 October 2017 and my professional journey of YouTube started from there.

I used to make simple image-slideshow videos and screen recording tutorials. After that, I purchased a green screen and made my first face-cam video with a green screen. I kept on making videos on different topics but videos were getting no views.

Successful Journey from 0 to 100K Subscribers

The new year 2018 was very great for me because the video which I uploaded on 2nd January started getting attention and in 3-4 weeks, it reached 50K+ Views resulting in 500+ Subscribers.

Due to this small viral video, my average views went from 50-80 to 500-700, and slowly and slowly I finally completed 5K Subscribers on 8th March 2018 succeeded by 10K Subscribers on 31 March; 5000 more people joined me in just 3 weeks.

And after 1 month, I received my first online payment from YouTube in April which was very great for me because I got the result of 6 months which I devoted to making videos regularly.

The dream of every YouTuber, 100K Subscribers got completed on my channel on 10th December 2018 and after 3 months I also got the YouTube Silver Play Button on 8th March 2019.

Study vs YouTube (Time Management)

The day I received the Silver Creator Award was also one of the best days of my life. I had got the fruit of my hard work and also the result in my 12th Board Examinations the very next day of my last exam which was on 7th March.

Many people would ask me how I managed time studying and doing YouTube also. The fact is that I treated YouTube as my primary work and study as secondary that’s the reason I got success on YouTube but I failed to devote enough time on studies.

However, being a meritorious student in my school days, I burnt the midnight oil during examination time and succeeded in getting exact 60% marks in the 12th Board with PCM from (JAC, Ranchi) which is not that bad.

Now, I am a full-time YouTuber, Blogger, and Digital Marketer who is on a mission of instilling people towards success through digital content creation and consultation.

MN Hemant Blogging Journey

On the initial days when I was doing YouTube, I came to know about blogging and after some months I booked my first domain name (mnhemant.com) in February 2018 and created my blog in March after having purchased web hosting.

That time, I had no idea about how to create a website and write articles but managed somehow and learned complete things about blogging gradually. After having written 40-50 posts, I got Google AdSense approval for my blog in May 2018.

I gave a lot of time on blogging, I used to write articles at late night, and this way I was adding content to my blog. Some of my articles got indexed on Google’s SERP first page which gave visitors to my site and gradually my earning from blogging also increased.

I kept on experimenting with different strategies to rank posts on Google which are called SEO and after 1 year my site’s ranking also got better and at the current time, it’s going very well.

So, this is my online entrepreneurial journey doing YouTube, Blogging, and then Digital Marketing which gave me a very special recognition I had never dreamt of.