Justify Your Purchases and Get Rid of Impulse Buying

We all love shopping. And, many a time we end up buying those things which may seem important for us momentarily, but after some weeks and months, we regret about our purchase decision. Do you know exactly why it happens? And why should you justify your purchases?

Impulse buying is a phenomenon where you tend to purchase unplanned things by deciding just before doing the purchase. We all do impulse purchases knowingly or unknowingly, and this is the reason why you should justify your purchases?

Can You Justify Your Purchases?

Do you remember all the products and services you purchased this year? You may, but only those purchases which are still in use. And I know, there might be numerous products which you bought impulsively and threw them after some time.

Take out some time from your busy schedule, and try to justify, try to give a proper explanation why had you purchased everything that you bought in 2021. You will realize that many of them are the results of ‘impulse buying’ and it is making you waste your money on those things which are not even needed.

I know, it’s very hard to justify your purchases because by doing this you’re making yourself a fool. You might think that the right purchase decision was to be taken before the purchase and not after that.

But by justifying your purchases even after the purchases, you’re trying to learn your ‘buying mindset’ so that now you can make a better purchase decision in the future and save your money.

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How to Avoid Purchase Regret?

By justifying your purchases, you’re ready for your future purchases. But what about those products which are already in your house that are of no use for a long time. How to avoid the purchase regret?

In order to avoid a purchase regret, you should think of ways to utilize that purchase for your benefit. Now, there might be many things that are not linked to your work/profession, so you should think of some creative ideas to make use of them. And if you don’t find one, you can give it to your friends and relatives who might be in need of that, or you can sell it as a second-hand product. And it will surely relieve you from the purchase regret of not using it.

Conclusion: Why Justify your Purchases?

You should justify your purchases in order to learn how your purchase decision works, and get rid of impulse buying in the future. By considering your purchases with proper logic and reason behind them, you get to know how you impulsively purchase even those things which you don’t need in the reality. So, you can improve your buying decisions by giving yourself some time in order to realize its need. Thanks!

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