Why Learn Coding? Career Options in Programming & Salary

Coding is said to be one of the high-demand skills in the future because whatever technology we’re witnessing today and will witness in the coming years, is only possible through coding. It is a way of interacting with computers through programming languages to develop tools and software that can make specific possible tasks that we want to achieve from them. Let’s see the different career options in programming and why should you learn to code?

Career Options in Coding

The future is all about tech, and coding is the base of it. Without programming languages, we can’t interact with technology products. And if you know how to code, then it is not only going to make you employable but it also can grow your career to the extent that you’ve never dreamt of. Coding is really a very high-demand future skill that everyone interested in tech should learn.

Good knowledge of coding and programming can land you a very high-paying job. Also due to the advancement and evolution of technology, many new things are always coming up and they all require coding to work on them and make products for the people. Machine learning, deep tech, AI, blockchain technology, and Web3, all are the futures of tech and if you have some knowledge of programming then you will have an edge in the future.

If we talk about the salary of programmers in India, then you can easily get 4-20 lakhs rupees annually. How much salary you would get, depends on your skillset and the kind of job profile you are working in. And apart from this, you can always venture into entrepreneurship and start a startup where your earnings will be manifold in comparison to a job in the field of coding.

Creativity & Learning in Coding

Everyone works for money, that’s the first priority and expectation of everyone’s job. But what if you can also have great learnings in addition to that. Coding is something that requires a lot of creativity and hence you can manifest your thinking and mental image into reality by writing codes. It gives you a sense of satisfaction that you’ve done something.

Programming also teaches you problem-solving. When you write codes, you actually solve a bigger problem by splitting it into smaller ones and writing codes for those. And it boosts your logical reasoning where you don’t do something just for doing that, but for a reason. This quality of reasoning can also help you in dealing with your life. So coding teaches you a lot of things and this aspect of learning makes coding a good choice of career that you should think about.

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