How to Start a Blog in 2021 (Beginner’s Guide) 7 Easy Steps to Earn Lacs

How to Start a Blog from Scratch in 2020

Hi friends! It’s great to see you here because you have decided to live a boss free life by earning money online with blogging. I salute your decision to move beyond the regular 9 to 5 job and that’s the reason I am helping you in this topic, How to Start a Blog in 2021 and make money online.

If you are thinking that you have to quit your job to start a profitable blog, then you are wrong. The best part about blogging is that you can do it part time with your job and when you will be making lacs, it’s your choice to quit your regular job or just keep it part time.

Speaking about myself, I started blogging 2 years ago and I have almost 6 blogs on different niches at the current time including this also. I am making decent amount of money with it and I am on my way to live a boss free life.

Being the reader of this blog, I know, you have also decided to start a blog and make money online. So, this is a “Beginner’s Guide on How to Start a Blog in 2021” that a non-tech person can also make a blog by following & applying all the steps properly.

What is Blogging?

First of all, let’s talk about the meaning of a blog. Talking about its history, blogging first started as a mere way to have an online presence as a personal weblog through which people used to share their life experiences as a journal.

Throughout the time, people realised its importance and potential and it grew to so much extent that blogging is used as a great marketing tool. But, that’s not the only use of it.

In general, a blog is an informational website displaying information on different topics as posts. It is a great platform where an individual person or a group of writers share their views and experiences on a particular topic.

Why to Start a Blog in 2021?

You know there are countless bloggers at present time and the competition is getting stuffed day-by-day. So, you might have a question in your mind “Is it worth to Start a Blog in 2021“?

Of course Yes, it’s the best time to dive into this platform because today almost 90% of the population have access to internet and you can too monetize them. But for that, you have to cater their needs i.e. share informations on your blog what they need.

One more thing to keep in mind, blogging is not a way of making instant money. You have to give at least 6 months time or even more than one year to make in profitable. And that’s the reason, I am telling you to start it as part time along with our regular job, until you get success.

How to Start a Blog & Make Money?

This is a complete beginner’s guide and so I am starting from scratch thinking you have no knowledge about blogging. I have divided it in “7 Easy Steps to Start a Blog in 2021” which will help you to make lacs with blogging.

  • Finding the perfect niche/blog category
  • Choosing the Best Blogging Platform
  • Domain Selection according to niche
  • Buying best web hosting
  • Blog Setup
  • Designing your Blog
  • Start Making Money with your Blog

Finding the Prefect Blogging Niche

The very first task for you before starting a blog is to find the perfect niche according to your interest and knowledge. Niche is simply the category of your blog i.e. in which topics you will be sharing information on your blog.

Many beginners make a common mistake and choose a niche by seeing other people and their earnings. Never do that because at the end of the day, you have to write about it. And if you have no knowledge about it and no interest, then won’t be able to make it a money making blog.

So, first think about your interests and knowledge deeply and then decide in which category you are going to blog about. This will help you to continue your blog in the long-run fulfilling your dream to live a boss free life.

Where to Blog? The Best Blogging Platform

After having decided your blog niche, you have to choose the best platform for blogging. I know, most of you have no idea about website designing and development, so you have to take help from the pre-designed CMSs to run your blog.

CMS, stands for Content Management System, is a platform where you can easily setup your website by using its pre-designed frameworks. At present, WordPress is the most popular blogging platform which I also use.

In addition to WordPress, you can also use Google’s own platform, Blogger which is completely free. But, you have to make your blog with subdomain of where xyz is your preferred blog name.

I won’t advise you to use Blogger because it has very less options of changing the design of your blog and play with it. WordPress allows you to alter the design completely providing you a blank canvas. Whatever feature you want to integrate in your WordPress blog, you will find that sort of plugins, so go for WordPress.

Domain Selection (.com/.in/.org)

Now, another important step comes in your guide to start a blog i.e. domain selection. The name of your blog is called the domain name. For example, is my blog’s domain name.

The name “byobclique” is the name and “.com” is domain. There are many domains you can choose from like .com/.in/.org/.co/.edu/.net and many more. Among all of them, .com is the most popular in worldwide and .in in India.

I will highly recommend you to look for a .com domain. The name here like “byobclique” must be in accordance with your blog’s niche. If you are making a blog about earning, then the term “earn”/”money” or its synonyms in your domain name will help you a great in ranking you blog in search results and also instilling a brand symbol in readers’ minds.

There are many domain registrars from where you can buy your domain. Some of them are Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostgator, BlueHost, etc. I personally use Godaddy and it’s very easy to buy a domain from it.

How to Buy Domain from Godaddy?

  • First of all, go to Godaddy’s Official Website and create an account. Now, login to Godaddy account.
  • Here, you will get a search bar where you have to search a domain name which you want to have.

Start a Blog Domain Selection

  • If that domain name is available (that means no one have bought before) you will get to see available and also the pricing.
  • Click on Continue to Cart and you will be asked for some addons where you have to select No Thanks and then click on Continue to Cart.
  • Now, select for 1 year, put the Promo Code if you have any and at last select the payment method (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking/Wallets/UPI) and click on Complete Purchase to buy your domain.


Buy Domain Name from GoDaddy

After successful checkout, your domain can be seen in your Godaddy Account section. There you need to click on DNS option just near to it in order to setup your blog which I have discussed in Blog Setup section.

Get OFF on Domains: GoDaddy India Promo Codes 2021

Web Hosting (Shared vs Dedicated)

You all might have ever heard about server down/link fail in banks. Do you know what’t behind this, it’s hosting. Web Hosting is a server that allows your website to be viewed by others on Internet all the time (24 x 7) available.

There are two major hosting types popular among bloggers, shared hosting and dedicated hosting. A dedicated server hosting plan means that your website is the only site hosted on the server.

With shared hosting, the amount of disk space and bandwidth you are allotted is limited because there are others sharing the server. You will be charged extra if you surpass your allotted amount.

Shared hosting is best for beginners because it can easily handle the traffic which you will be getting in initial days and also it’s very affordable. You can buy hosting from any hosting providers like BlueHost, A2Hosting, DigitalOcean, ResellerClub, SiteGround, Hostinger, etc.

How to Buy A2Hosting with Discount?

A2Hosting Services


  • A2Hosting has many hosting plans, select the best plan as per your needs.

A2Hosting Best Plans


  • Now, click on “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers” and type your domain name proceed to Use.
  • You can use HOST63 Coupan Code for discount in A2Hosting.

A2Hosting Domain Setup


  • Select the duration (for how many months you want hosting) 12 months/one year plan and click on Continue.
  • Now, fill the billing information form correctly and also choose a strong password through which you can login to A2Hosting account in future.
  • You have many options of payment like Credit/Debit Card, CCAvenue India, Paypal, Skrill, etc.
  • I would recommend you to choose CCAvenue India payment gateway which is very easy.
  • After successful payment, you will get the receipt with cPanel login details and also nameservers.

Setup: Connect Domain Name with Hosting

After buying the right domain name and web hosting, now you have connect them in order to run your blog website. For this, you have to change the DNS (Domain Name Servers) in your domain account with the DNS provided by hosting provider.

  • Login to your Godaddy account and go to My Products.
  • You will see your domain here, click on DNS option near it.
  • DNS Management page will be opened now, and you need to change the nameservers.

Setup Domain Name with Hosting


  • After selecting custom, paste the DNS provided by your hosting provider and click on Save.
  • Now, your domain name has been connected with the hosting.
  • It may take upto 24 hours to propagate properly, so wait for it.

When your domain name will be connected with hosting, now you need to install WordPress through which you can design your blog as you want.

How to Start a Blog with WordPress (Installation)

Every hosting provider gives a cPanel which is the dashboard of your server. To install WordPress on your blog, you have to open cPanel. The login details for this will be provided by your hosting provider.

Start a Blog cPanel WordPress Installation


  • After opening cPanel, find Softaculous App Installer in the panel and search for WordPress.
  • Click on the WordPress icon, then a new dashboard will open as you can see in the below image.

WordPress Installation


  • Now click on Install Now button and then choose your domain in the WordPress Installation.
  • Make sure your (in directory) option should be empty as you are installing WordPress on your domain only.

How to Install WordPress on Your Blog


  • Scrolling down, you will be asked about your site name and description followed by Admin Username & Password.
  • Set the password strongly and remember it because you will need this username and password to manage your blog.
  • Re-checking all the details, click on Install button and wait for 2-5 minutes to install WordPress in your blog.

WordPress Installation Process


  • After successful installation, you will get a link to login to your WordPress Admin Panel where you have to login with the above username & password.

WordPress Blog Designing (Themes & Plugins)

Your blog is now ready to use, first login to wordpress admin panel which will look like the below image.

Now, you need a beautiful theme and some important plugins to design your blog as you want. There are many free & premium WordPress Themes, but I will highly recommend you to use StudioPress Premium Themes & MyThemeShop.

If you want the current theme used in this blog, you can go with GeneratePress Premium Theme which is very easy-to-use and an affordable theme with really great features.

How to Install Themes on WordPress?

  • Click on Appearance >>> Themes on the left sidebar of your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • Now click on Add New and search for your preferred theme and then Install >>> Activate.

Install WordPress Themes


  • If you want to use a premium theme then you have to click on Upload Theme and upload the zip file which you will get after buying.
  • After uploading the theme file, you have to Activate it by putting the activation key/serial number provided by the theme provider.
  • In this way, you can very easily install any theme you want on your WordPress blog.

How to Install WordPress Plugins?

As I have mentioned earlier, the best part about WordPress is that you will get plugins of almost all features/options you want on your site. And to install a WordPress plugin, you have to click on Plugins options just after Appearance option.

  • Click on Add New and search for the type of plugin you want and then Install >>> Activate.
  • If you have a premium plugin downloaded from other WordPress Plugin provider, you have to click on Upload Plugin.
  • The most popular plugins which are highly recommended for you are Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, W3 Total Cache, Smush Image Compressor, All in One SEO Pack, etc.

In addition to these recommended ones, there are many plugins which you will need throughout the time as you will need more features on your blog.

Making Money with Your Blog

The Beginner’s Guide on How to Start a Blog is almost completed and I hope you also might have designed your blog. Now the billion dollar question comes in everyone’s mind “How to Make Money with Blogging“?

For that, you have to first write articles on the topics of your specified niche. You can very easily do the same by clicking on Posts >>> Add New in your blog’s wordpress admin dashboard.

Write detailed and informative articles optimizing them as per search engines like Google, Bing, etc. SEO will help readers to find your blog and increase organic traffic which you can later monetize them and make money out of it. But, you have to give at least 6-12 months of time and write blogs regularly.

There are many ways to monetize your blog like displaying Google AdSense ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, selling ad spaces, sponsored posts, selling your own e-books and courses and many more. First you provide value to the readers via your blog and later all these earning sources will be calling you.

FAQs About Blogging and Making Money Online

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Is blogging still relevant in 2021?” answer-0=”Yes, there has been a decline in textual content consumption due to YouTube and other video platforms, but it’s not going to die. You know it better that how many times you google in a single day.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What to do instead of blogging?” answer-1=”If you don’t want to write articles, you can still do blogging i.e. vlogging on which you have to make videos and share your knowledge.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Are personal blogs successful?” answer-2=”Yes, whatever be your blogging niche, if you are providing good and knowledgeable content people will surely love it.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”How to find blog topics to write about?” answer-3=”The easiest way to find topics is to first decide your niche/specific category and then you will never be running out for blog topics to write about.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”How to start a blog in 2021 from scratch?” answer-4=”In today’s time, anyone can create a blog. You have to just install WordPress on your domain-linked web hosting and that’s it. You have finally created a blog, now write articles that provide value to your targeted audience.” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]

Conclusion: How to Start a Blog in 2021?

So friends, this is the complete “Beginner’s Guide 7 Easy Steps to Earn Lacs with Blogging“. At last, I want to conclude that blogging is a very great way to share your information, help people and make money with it, but it’s not a one-day magic trick to earn money; you have to keep patience and give some quality time to it.

I hope you liked this guide and I wish you will be the next pro-blogger in your niche. If you have any query/doubt regarding any topic which I told you about in this blog, then let me know in the below Comment section. Also, you can subscribe to the email newsletter so that you won’t miss any future information regarding blogging.

Thanks for Reading… Have a nice day!

MN Hemant
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