How to Get Free Digital Marketing Certificate from Google in 2021?

Free Digital Marketing Course by Google

Digital Marketing has become an entrepreneurial hype nowadays and a digital marketing certificate can help you in growing your career in the same. But that’s not easy, you have to attend a course and then you will have the certificate.

Many of you may not afford a high-fee digital marketing course, so today I am here to tell you about how to get a free digital marketing certificate from Google? Yes, you heard right!

Google’s Digital Marketing Course

First of all, I want to tell you a truth about digital marketing. The best way to learn it is by experimenting and implementing the different strategies on your own projects. That’s why I am recommending this free course by Google because you can learn online from home and implement the ways discussed in the course.

To get access to the Free Digital Marketing Course by Google, you have to visit the website of Google Digital Unlocked. You will get many different online courses with certification which you can opt for by just signing with your Google account.

Free Digital Marketing Course by Google

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

The name of the course about which I’m talking here is Fundamentals of Digital Marketing which is a 40-hours course comprising 26 modules which then contains many topics also.

  • The online opportunity
  • Your first steps in online success
  • Build your web presence
  • Plan your online business strategy
  • Get started with a search
  • Get discovered with search
  • Make search work for you
  • Be noticed with search ads
  • Improve your search campaigns
  • Get noticed locally
  • Help people nearby find online
  • Get noticed with social media
  • Deep dive into social media
  • Discover the possibilities of mobile
  • Make mobile work for you
  • Get started with content marketing
  • Connect through email
  • Advertise on other websites
  • Deep dive into display advertising
  • Make the most of video
  • Get started with analytics
  • Find success with analytics
  • Turn data into insights
  • Build your online shop
  • Sell more online
  • Expand internationally

How to Get Free Digital Marketing Certificate from Google?

After completing the course, you have to give a test and then you can get your free digital marketing certificate from Google. You can download the pdf and then get printed to use wherever you want.

The certificate also has a unique number which can be verified by visiting the official site of Google whose link is also given on the certificate. In this way, you can easily get certified by Google.

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